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The Southwest Tour by Andy Sabol

Andy Sabol spent several months this year traveling across the country to the Southwest with his Airstream trailer, his two dogs, and occasional drop-in visitors. This show is his recording of that journey. His interpretation of the drama that is the west is exciting and full of beauty.

**Please attend the opening to this wonderful show of his work on Saturday October 8 at the Peninsula Art Academy, 1600 W Mill St., Peninsula, Ohio from 2-5 pm. Refreshments will be served and Andy will give a gallery talk at 3 pm. The show will be up in the Gallery from October 5 - November 13.

The Southwest Tour by Andy Sabol

I relocated from the Pittsburgh area to take a job as a medical photographer in Akron. Two of my loves are traveling and photography and here they come together. This show is of the Southwest, some of the places new to visit and some I've been to before.

I've always liked night photography, most of the time cityscapes. But this time I got to try my hand at starry nights. It happened that I was in Zion National Park at the time of the new moon. A perfect time and place to be. Even though the park was packed with thousands of people during the day, I would get up at 2 am to shoot all night long and not see a single person.