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Peninsula Art Academy is open to hosting private events.  Events such as meetings, Birthday parties, or social gatherings are all welcome to meet in one of our teaching areas in the Academy.  You will be surrounded by local artist’s works and a busy atmosphere.  For more information please contact PAA.


Pirates and Treasures

Create a pirate hat, a treasure map and decorate a treasure chest at this Pirate party!


Glass Fusing

Create your own ornament or eye catcher by arranging bits of colored glass.  Glass fusing is the melting together of different pieces of glass that are compatible with each other.  Glass is fired over night, and then the ornaments can be picked up the following week, after the final grinding is done.


Felted marbles and more

Soap, water, and a little 'elbow grease' kids will use hand dyed wool to felt marbles, flowers, beads, small bags, or whatever else they can think of to create.  Youth need to be dressed to get a little wet and sudsy on their clothes.



We'll thread the looms and weave! The loom is digital, like the computer. Come explore the mechanics of operating a loom and learn about color, yarns, weaving and watching the fabric appear under your hands as you weave.


Batiks and murals

Only a youth’s imagination is the limit in this class.  Using cotton as the base, youth will create their own imaginary scenes with dye and wax.  Participants need to wear old clothing as dyes may get on their clothes during the batik process. 



Make a basket from yarn and string - learn about Native American Indians, and how they made baskets years ago!  Learn color selection, and simple design applications.



A little soap, syrup and some homemade bubble blowers and your kids will be    creating ginormous bubbles.  Using the same ingredients with the additions of some paint and they will be creating their own bubble masterpieces to take home as a memory of their soap filled day.


Create Your Own!

Does you child have a special interest? Dinosaurs, doggies, archeology?  Contact Heather at .  She will coordinate with you and the artist to meet your child’s interest.